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Dubya Doublespeak: Jumbled Jargon from George
Dubya Doublespeak:
Jumbled Jargon
from George
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Acadumbics was one of our cartoon/comic puns from Postcards.com. It ran with our "Tomb It May Concern", "Some-Antics", "Ore-Sediments", and other pithy humor series. Specifically, it was a commentary on education, language, and how our kids are NOT learning the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.

But, around 2000, the cartoons stopped being as funny as they were, especially with the illiterate we elected (finally?) to office. At that time, we realized, the joke was on US. (Hmmm, The "US" ??)

We've kept it under our hat, and maybe we'll roll out some new ones, but for now, we have a "leader" who is doing an amazing job of making what _should_ be funny, and on Saturday Night Live, something that is a direct feed from the Whitehouse, into all the newspapers, TV and radio stations. If it wasn't so terrifying, it might be funny.

George W. Bush
George W. Bush "Bushisms"
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